19 10, 2012

Bishop’s 2012 Independence Message

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As we enter the 34th year of self-determination, my challenge to all of us is that we focus on the common good of all our people so as to reap the long-term benefit of a truly developed nation. Needless to say, it requires the effort of all and sundry, those who, by virtue of their position in our society are called to make specific contributions, such as the Government, Church, Judiciary, law enforcement departments, professionals, businesses, educational and health institutions, the fisheries and agricultural sectors, and every rank and file member of the society of our Nature Isle. I submit therefore, that the only viable way forward is through partnership, as the national theme suggests. Let us therefore embrace that call for the prosperity and good health of our nation.

13 12, 2011

Bishop’s Christmas Message 2011

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Christmas represents that single moment in the history of humanity that was long awaited by generations of the Hebrew people, and therefore, the whole world by extension. The prophet Isaiah in two important texts gives insights into that Messianic event, capturing the essence of what has become the Christian faith.

13 06, 2011

Bishop Malzaire Speaks Out Against Crime & Violence

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The issue crime and violence, you will agree, is not new to Dominica. It is not new to the Caribbean region, neither is it a stranger to the world in which we live. Indeed, the reality of crime and violence goes as far back as the fall of humanity, as recounted in the biblical book of origins. The issue of crime and violence, I would say, is one of the most blatant demonstrations of the malicious tendencies of the human heart. That tendency we refer to, in moral parlance, to concupiscence, which, when allowed to mature, gives rise to sin. Unfortunately it is a tendency that resides in all of us.

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