Family Life

Chairperson:  Vacant

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Secretariat for Family Life is to improve the quality of Christian Family in the Diocese of Roseau by deepening the awareness of the People of God about the teachings of the Church on issues which affect Family Life, and by providing growth opportunities to nurture the Spirituality of the Christian Family as a Unit.


To accomplish this Mission the Secretariat for Family Life will:

  • Establish in each parish a Parish Family Life Committee through whom the Secretariat will communicate.
  • Develop a Pre-Marriage Preparation Program for use in the Diocese.
  • Train married couples who will administer the program at the Vicariate/Parish level.
  • Establish outreach programs for single persons, single head of households, divorced, separated and widowed persons.
  • Develop a series of Programs for the Spiritual Development and Enrichment of Family Life.
  • Gather and disseminate information regarding the Church’s teaching on current social teachings (e.g. abortion, HIV/Aids, morning-after pill).
  • Through the Diocesan Newspaper and the secular media give timely reviews of the work of the Secretariat.
  • Collaborate with other Secretariats on issues affecting the Family.