Justice & Peace



To plan and facilitate the execution of programmes and activities related to human rights and social development for the enhancement of justice, integrity and peace.


  • To promote human development and defend human rights
  • To sensitize the faithful on issues related to justice and peace
  • To diffuse the Social Teaching of the Church especially as it relates to human development
  • To collaborate with the Secretariat on Social Mission and also the Family Life Secretariat
  • To advise the Bishop in the formulation of Pastoral Letters and other statements related to Justice and Peace
  • To collaborate with the State on issues related to Social Stability
  • To monitor matters connected with social issues on a National and Diocesan level and to advise the Diocese accordingly.
  • To undertake studies on matters connected with Justice and Peace

Guidelines for the Function of the Justice and Peace Commission

The work of the Commission will entail advising, monitoring, planning and facilitating the execution of programmes and activities.

(A) Advising

In keeping with its advisory function, the Commission shall consult widely and have the capacity to advise the Bishop on matters connected with justice, peace, human and social development.

(B) Monitoring

As part of its monitoring function, the Commission will seek to closely observe happenings on a National and Diocesan level which impinge negatively on the lives of God’s people.

(C) Planning and Facilitating

The Commission will plan and facilitate the execution of programmes and activities related to human and social development and also the advancement of justice and peace with a view to educating the faithful and improve their social standing. *

(D) Advocacy

To be a voice on matters related to Justice and Peace.

(E) Reporting

The Commission will provide annual and on demand reports to His Lordship the Bishop on all undertakings.


Membership of the Commission shall comprise individuals from the Church Community which includes the Clergy, persons who are involved in Social Services, in Justice, in Human Rights and other related fields.