February 14, 2017

Theme: “Go and make disciples”

“The Pontifical Missionary Society of Missionary Childhood, or Holy Childhood, is a service offered by the universal Church and the local Churches to the missionary animation, formation and communion of children and their educators for their co-operation in the universal evangelization and, in particular, of other children.” (Pontificium Opus A Sancta Infantia 1997-1998, p. 8)

The Missionary Animator has a special responsibility in the Church’s work of evangelization. The Animator is expected to do the following:

• Set up a Mission Team to work with the Animator.
• Inform parents and children about the Missionary Childhood Association.
• Recruit children for the Missionary Childhood Association.
• Facilitate the election of the child-leader and team members if necessary.
• Organize leadership formation sessions with the leaders of the group.
• Convene weekly meetings.
• Assist the children in choosing a name and Patron Saint for their group.
• Plan the meetings with the Child-Leader and team.
• Ensure that an attendance register is kept accurately.
• Celebrate the group’s anniversary annually.

• Help the children to understand their call as baptized Christians, to be missionaries.
• Explain the meaning of “mission / missionary” and its practical application in daily life.
• Form an active, committed Missionary Childhood group.
• Teach them the practice of Lectio Divina.
• Teach them the practice of Eucharistic Adoration. (Request help from a Priest, Religious Sister or Deacon.)
• Teach them the meaning of the Mass.
• Encourage their participation in the Eucharistic liturgy.
• Teach them to pray the Mission Rosary.
• Plan a variety of meaningful events for the group and other children of the locality.

• Work collaboratively with the Diocesan MCA Co-ordinator.
• Occasionally, invite the Diocesan Co-ordinator / Director to visit the group.
• Reach out to other MCA groups in the Diocese and abroad.
• Document events of the groups. (meetings, visits, stories…)
• Take photos of the group’s activities.
• Provide a quarterly report on the group’s performance in writing to the Diocesan Co-ordinator of the Missionary Childhood Association .

• Prepare members for their Consecration Day.
• Contact the Diocesan Co-ordinator re. Consecration formula, membership cards, sash etc.
• Organize a recollection or retreat day in preparation for the occasion.
• Plan the Consecration Day ceremony with the Parish Priest.
• Plan the monthly parties and Consecration Day party.
• Invite the Diocesan Co-ordinator and Diocesan Director to the Consecration ceremony.
• Invite the parents to the ceremony and to assist where necessary.
• Organize for the group’s annual renewal of their consecration.
• Organize for the group’s participation in the Annual Missionary Childhood Day Rally, held on the first Sunday of October.

The Missionary Animator must help the members of the Missionary Childhood group to focus on their commitment:

A. Let’s Know Jesus:
- Begin meetings with Lectio Divina or reflection on the Word of God.

- Encourage them to share their experience of Jesus.

B. Let’s Pray
- Teach children to pray daily for children throughout the world.

- Introduce the Mission Rosary. Encourage members to pray for children of the different continents.

- Provide opportunities for Eucharistic Adoration.
- Encourage the practice of celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

C. Let’s Communicate
- Encourage children to gather for worship every Sunday.

- Let them invite others, especially children, to Mass every Sunday.

- Teach them to participate actively in the liturgy.
D. Let’s Sacrifice Ourselves
- Encourage them to make sacrifices (monetary) weekly or monthly for children of the world.

- Introduce the Mission Box in which children are to place their monetary offerings.

- Invite children at school to contribute financially in order to help the children of the world.

- Identify children in need and assist them.
E. Let’s Make Friends for Jesus
- Provide opportunities for them to visit and pray with children who are sick and homebound in their neighbourhood.

- Facilitate correspondence between your group and other Missionary Childhood groups in the Diocese and beyond its shores.

- Take time to sensitize them to the sufferings of children worldwide.

Prepared by: Sr. Annita Peter, f.j. (Diocesan Director)