October 5, 2014

Missionary Prayer

Lord Jesus, you came among us as the first Missionary, to share the Good News of your Father’s love for everyone and died on the cross for our salvation. We thank you for the wonderful news of God’s love and the deep love you have for us.

Each day, you invite us to spread the Good News of your love, to be missionaries for you. Help us to be Good News for others. Teach us to pray and to make sacrifices for the good of children throughout the world.

Lord Jesus, you are the Light of the World, make us little lights at home, at school, in our neighbourhood, at Church and wherever we are.
We make our prayer in your Name. Amen.

Commitment of the Missionary Animator

Lord Jesus, through my baptism, you called me to discipleship, to be a missionary. Today, I commit myself to know and love you more deeply and to serve you as a Missionary Animator of the Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood, in the Diocese of Roseau. I will form and guide your little ones, on their missionary journey. Amen


Commitment of the Missionary Childhood Member

Lord Jesus, I commit myself :
To know you, to listen to you, to be your friend
To pray every day for the missions
To participate frequently in the Eucharist, growing in communion with our brothers and sisters
To offer my own sacrifices to support the missions and the missionaries
To help other children and people in general, to receive your help and to be your friends,
so that they will also help the most needy children and the missions throughout the