Chairperson: Mrs. Dorothy Leevy

Mission Statement

We believe that every human being created in God‘s likeness is entitled to a decent living. We believe that those persons who live wider unacceptable conditions should be recognized in our midst and treated with dignity.

We seek to enhance the Physical, Economic, Social and Spiritual Welfare of families and socially disadvantaged persons in the society specifically the children, youth, elderly, the disabled and the poor, in an effort to preserve their human dignity


This Secretariat comprises representatives of various organizations involved in the social ministry of the Church.

These organizations are:

Alpha Center

Provides educational facilities for children with mental disabilities and supports their integration in the society.


it’s aim is to spread charity and justice in the following areas: emergency aid in times of disasters, development of people through self-help projects, food relief, education about the dreaded disease AIDS and about the social teachings of the Catholic Church.

CALLS — Centre where Adolescents Lean to Love and Serve

Educational opportunity for the seventeen year old and over to come to a greater awareness of his/her personal worth and giftedness, in order to enable him/her to assume responsibility in the family, community and national life.

CARE (of the Elderly—Portsmouth;

Improve the quality of life of the needy, neglected elderly by alleviating suffering and loneness and by meeting their spiritual, economic, physical, social and material needs.

Dominica Infirmary

The Dominica Infirmary, the only one of its kind in the country, provides institutional care for 95 destitute, aged and infirmed citizens. It also has the service of a Day Care Centre for Older People.

The aim of the institution is to improve and maintain the health, quality of life, and dignity of the residents.

Prison Pastoral Care

Incarceration for long or short periods is a very traumatic experience. The Catholic Church, through it ordained priests and dedicated laypersons, consider prison pastoral care to be essential to survival, forgiveness of accused and victim and eventual return society.


Reaching Elderly Abandoned Citizens Housebound. It is an NGO Christian service to the destitute elderly the community, seeking to relieve the most intense suffering and loneliness of those who are abandoned and in need of loving care.

Social Center

Promoting the well-being of families, particularly low income families of Dominica, acting as advocate for the vulnerable individuals in families—children women, the elderly, the poor and the destitute. Assisting families/individuals to meet their national development goals.

Social League

Strengthening family bonds and brotherly by through spiritual reflections, fellowship and coopers lion with communities through educational facilities

Society of St. Vincent De Paul

A family of lay persons who bears witness to their faith through personal love of those who Suffer by giving them time, money, food, education, medicine, housing, etc.

And representatives from the Pastoral Outreach of the Church at the DOMINICA INFIRMARY And the PRISON