Brief Overview

The Dominica Catholic Youth Movement (DCYM) will encompass all registered Catholic and affiliated youth groups in the Diocese of Roseau.  The Diocesan Youth Office will coordinate leadership training, special programming and support for registered youth groups.  The DCYM will not replace the parish Youth Ministry programmes.  It will be an additional resource to what may already be in place in many parishes.  The DCYM will focus primarily on building and supporting youth groups within the parish setting.  The Diocesan Youth Commission will serve as an advisory body for the DCYM.

Membership Guidelines

1.     Leaders of interested youth groups are to complete or update an annual Youth Group Registration Form and return it to the Diocesan Youth office by the end of January each calendar year (membership fees will eventually be introduced to support the movement).

2.     Youth groups are to be classified as:

a.     Children: Age  7-12

b.     Youth: Age 13-17(approximately)

c.      Young Adult: Age 18 – 40 (approximately)

d.     Open: all age groups

3.     The group’s spiritual Director and Adult Adviser must be listed on the form.

4.     If the group does not have an adult adviser, the Diocesan Youth Office will assist in assigning one to the group.

5.     Once membership forms are received by the Diocesan Youth Office, the group will be added to the mailing list and a resource package will be sent to the youth group leaders.

6.     Regular newsletters will be published by the Diocesan Youth office and sent out to all registered groups.

7.     Groups will benefit from various training and formation opportunities.

8.     A gathering of the DCYM will be held once a year where special officers will be elected.

9.      Four individuals will also be elected to represent the DCYM on the Diocesan Youth Commission.